Beast Mountain

by Genetics

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Denver-based progressive rock band Genetics is officially unveiling its second full-length album, Beast Mountain. Beast Mountain elaborates on the floaty-with-an-edge composition style, with plenty of unexpected twists and complex melodic layers. But this album also boasts a larger mission: bringing back the glory of the concept album. Evocative soundscapes take the listener on a thrilling journey through the woods, where something dangerous may be lurking amidst the soaring guitar harmonies, linear compositions, and danceable breakdowns. Almost a year in the making, the band recorded and mixed all 10 tracks themselves in their home studio.

Artwork by James the Stanton - Gnartoons

Nathaniel Snow- Drums/ Vocals/Synth
Stanton Sutton- Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jeff Ervine- Guitar/ Vocals
Joel Searls- Bass
Phil Johnson - Keyboards


released March 14, 2017

Periscope - Ft. Eric Luba on Keys

Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds and David Glasser at Airshow Inc.



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Genetics Colorado

Genetics is a five-piece progressive rock band based in Denver, Colorado. The band got its start in 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the summer of 2012, founding members Jeff Ervine (guitar) and Nathaniel Snow (drums) moved the project to Colorado, where they were joined by Joel Searls (bass) later that year and Stanton Sutton (guitar/vocals) in 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Conscious Conscience
Voices, choices inside my head;
An inner monologue from rise to bed.
Will it stop incessant persistence,
letting my mind harness existence?
It says,"I think not, I'm all that you got.
I never rest when your eyes do.
I'm your story's plot, and untie the knot,
I am the one that gives you a clue."

Conscious Conscience at my neck,
Making me reflect,
Images what I might be,
Lighting fire to see.

Spirit of a weathered soul,
But there I stood only 22 years old,
With lists of projections, connecting connections.
What else did I forget to mention?
Grab life by the balls.
Think fast and stand tall.
Don't let your demons keep you down.
You'll climb and might fall,
But give it your all.
Your efforts will give you your crown.

Conscious Conscience at my neck,
Making me reflect,
Images what I might be,
Lighting fire to see.
Track Name: Quamn
Wake Up
Track Name: Winter Winds
Winter winds bring me down,
But in my mind I think of the sound,
Of birds flying, swirling through air,
Mountain peaks flourish and from up there,
things seem so small and not worth the fret,
and from now on I’ll try not to let,
Myself get brought down from winter winds,
Because soon enough spring will begin.

Nature heals with it’s ways,
And because this there will I stay;
One with the earth, barefoot in the mud,
Anticipating our trees to bud,
So we can leave this town behind,
Put it right in the back of our minds,
And travel towards mountains green and high,
And never once wondering why.

Once we achieve our goals that are set,
We will not look back with any regret,
Because we done did the things we could do,
And we couldn’t do better than this.
Could you?